History of the National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc.

In July 1990, the National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc. came into its formal existence. Its purpose was to both unify and affect the political climate and legislative agenda as it pertains to the welfare of New York City Police Department retirees of all ranks, and be the representative and voice of the many 10-13 chapters nationwide.

The National NYCPD 10-13 is based in New York. In early 1992, the National was recognized by the United States Congress, the New York State Assembly, and the New York State Senate, as the representative union of retirees of all ranks of the New York City Police Department.

The National has become a respected and recognized voice through its own lobbying efforts, and through it being a member organization of the Alliance of Public Retirees of New York. The National holds a position on the Board of the Alliance.

Following are some of the many legislative landmarks the National has achieved:COLA – Cost of Living AdjustmentThe National’s original purpose was to obtain a COLA for retirees. This legislative was achieved in July 2000. Not only was the National consulted regarding the legislation, but was invited by Governor Pataki to the COLA-signing. The National continues to seek improvement to the original COLA legislation.

Medicare 100% ReimbursementThe National lobbied vigorously for this legislation, and was invited by Speaker Peter Vallone to the floor of the New York City Council the day this legislation passed.

Surviving Spouse LegislationWidow/Widower allowed to pick up COBRA Health Insurance forever instead of only three years. (On the day the Medicare Reimbursement was signed, the National was notified by the City Council that this legislation was pulled out of committee and was also signed.)

HR-218 – National Carry PermitThe National has been actively involved with Congress to get this legislation passed as a federal permit for retirees to carry their weapons. We will continue to lobby as this law has not been nationally recognized, as some states refuse to certify.

Health Insurance Protection Legislation – Our Latest EndeavorHealth Insurance Protection Legislation has become a priority.  Retiree groups are being discriminated against by the changing of their contractual health benefits.  Ironically, some NYS retirees (teachers) have enjoyed this protection yearly, and as of 2010, have obtained the benefit permanently.  It seems like every time the New York State Legislature drafts a bill to protect our retirees, it has been vetoed, or lately, lobbed against by some NYC police unions who mistakenly believe that we don’t need this protection.  But every other major union in NYS, and the Alliance of Public Retirees, supports this legislation – so opposing it makes no sense.

As you are well aware of by now, effective January 01, 2022, New York City and the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) agreed to a Universal Medicare Advantage Plan, which will now have co-payments for certain doctor visits and testing, which we did not have with traditional medicare.  The National will continue to aggressively lobby for this protection for our retirees via our New York State Legislation Agenda

This information will be updated periodically as events unfold and issues arise.

Annual ConventionThe National holds an annual convention (Villa Roma Resort, Calicoon N.Y. – near Monticello N.Y.), where we meet to discuss concerns of our retirees, and to get-together and have a good time.Additionally, the convention is a forum for our annual fundraiser, which enables us to lobby and to make PAC contributions. The fundraiser is hugely successful, thanks to our members participation. Because of the fundraiser, the National was able to rebate the chapters and their members, and to lower the National dues by one-third, pay for the busses and food for Lobby Day, increase our PAC participation and contributions, and to remain actively involved in the legislative process.We will continue to work to protect, enhance and gain for you, our members, the benefits you worked so hard for and richly deserve. The National is proud to say we are the most active police retiree organization in the State of New York. We encourage you, as members, to actively campaign to attract active or retired members of the NYCPD, to join and participate in the National organization.This information will be updated periodically as events unfold and issues arise.