September 28, 2018

To All Presidents and Chapter Members:

The National NYCPD 10-13 Orgs. Inc. celebrated its 29th Annual Convention at Villa Roma Resort on September 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2018.

I'd especially like to thank the Executive Board for their hard work and for the dedication they displayed for the success of the convention, and all they do for the National members all year long. Villa Roma is a beautiful venue, clean, modern, with numerous amenities and exceptionally convenient. As they say, it has all the amenities like a cruise ship but on land.

In the past, our convention participation has been well attended. Some members actually make our convention a family reunion/get together. I'm sorry to say that some of them have passed on and will be missed. Next year, I'd like to know as early as possible who is planning to attend.

Some of the amenities we enjoy are the private Hospitality Room and Private Dining Room. Entertainment is provided by the hotel during the time of our stay. This year the shows we all enjoyed were Free Pass Band and Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra. If you are considering attending next year, please register early, information will be coming out in January 2019. SAVE THE DATES, Convention scheduled for September 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2019. Most who attended the convention this year have already said they had a great time and are looking forward to the next one. It would be great to add even more members and have even more fun. Our Hospitality Room/Bar was a big hit as usual. No one went home thirsty. LOL

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mega Raffle. Once again the tickets sold out early, even earlier than last year, on a first-come-first-served basis and we had to return more tickets than ever before. Presidents, I urge you to mail out the tickets early. You will be receiving them in early April, 2019.

Our Mega supports the National expenses, scholarships and keeps our dues down to $1.00 per member. With the rebate, and bonuses given to chapters selling winning tickets, the chapters are helped with their expenses a well. Most chapters get back their National dues plus more.

At the Convention's General Meeting, numerous topics were discussed. In particular the devastation of Hurricane Florence to our fellow brothers and sisters who now reside in the Myrtle Beach and Wilmington areas. In an effort to assist our Club Members, 1 asked Harvey Katowitz, President, Charlotte 10-13 and National Advisor for the Carolinas, to spearhead this very important task. I must add that without hesitation, Harvey stepped up to the plate. Donations/checks should be made out to the NYPD 10-13 Club of Charlotte and mailed to: Harvey Katowitz, President, 4701 Wyndfield Lane, Charlotte, N.C. 28270.

Money collected will be divided equally and sent to our club members identified by our Myrtle Beach and Wilmington 10-13 club Presidents. Remember we are all brothers and sisters in blue and members of our various 10-13 clubs throughout the United States. Please let us answer and respond to this 10-13 call.... "Officer Needs Assistance" and offer our help.

On, another a serious note, many have become complacent regarding the lack of changes to our benefits, because no changes have occurred yet. But as you know, with a strike of the pen (and it's happening all over other states and cities) benefits have been changed. The only voice we have as retirees is through the legislative process. Your National is proactive by having bills introduced, penning Memoranda of Support and going to meetings with the legislators constantly making our concerns known. The National is well respected and we definitely have a voice. January, 2019, starts a new two year legislative session in Albany. This year, is an election year for all state Senators and Assembly members, your National Executive Board has already started meeting, endorsing and contributing PAC funds to the Senators and Assembly members who have supported our Legislative Agenda. We will need to re-submit our COLA, Health Protection and Veterans Supplemental Bill and other bills to be renumbered for the 2019/2020 session. I can assure you that your National Executive Board will continue to be very active in the Albany legislative arena working with the Alliance of Public Retiree Organizations of New York, of which we are a member and its other member organizations.

I'd like to acknowledge our affiliation, support and cooperation, with the Retired Sergeants Association (RSA). President Patsy Noto is a staunch supporter and colleague, and we work very closely together all year. The RSA, which I am the Legislative Representative, supports the National and has attended our conventions. The support of the RSA means a lot and we back each others' organization on the major issues we are both involved with and attend each others meetings.

On behalf of the Executive Board, I want to thank all of our Chapter Presidents and their members for their dedication and undying support of the National.

Hope to see you at the 2019 Convention.

Frank Martarella President

cc: National Board of Directors