April 18, 2018

Dear Board of Directors, Presidents and Members:

We attended our Annual Lobby Day on April 17, 2018, and had a full bus. Thanks to National 1st V.P. Rich Molloy for coordinating and signing up members of Hudson Valley to make the trip to Albany. In addition, I want to thank the members of our Verrazano and Jersey Shore 10-13 members who also attended.

The following is a package containing legislation being supported by the National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc. The obligation and the focus of the National are to support legislation which helps benefit our members and their families. As you are aware, for the past decade we have rigorously submitted Health Protection legislation. This is one of the most important pieces of legislation for our members and their families. Even though we are protected by NYC's Administrative Code, intro 580, which gives us protection for our Health Insurance and Medicare Reimbursement; it only takes the Mayor and the NYC Councils stroke of the pen to change these laws. This has already been done to NYS retirees by changing the Civil Service Laws. It has also been done in other states and cities throughout the country. Over the years, many have become complacent because none of our benefits have been changed or diminished. It's important for us to support this type of legislation, as that would set precedent to protect retirees who were guaranteed these benefits. Upon retirement, retirees can no longer negotiate or have a voice through collective bargaining. Their only resource of protection is through their elected officials. It's important that the National be involved with the Alliance of Public Retirees of New York, which includes other NYS and NYC Retiree groups. It's also important that we visit with legislators and communicate through Memoranda of Support to make sure our voice is heard.

We met with Senator Andrew Lanza, who in the past has sponsored our Health Protection Bill along with Assemblyman David Weprin. I am happy to report that Senator Lanza, who has been in contact with Governor Cuomo's office regarding the Bill, will be submitting the Health Protection Bill for us again. The Health Protection Bill has gone to three different Governors in the past, hopefully we have some success with governor Cuomo.

We also met with Senator Larkin who is the Senate Sponsor of our Veterans Supplementation bill along with Assemblyman DenDekker who is the Chairman of the Assembly Veterans committee. Senator Larkin indicated that this bill will get done in this session. In addition, we met with Senator Goldens' Chief of Staff and Assemblyman Peter Abbates Chief of Staff who have submitted our COLA bills. Attached is a list of our Legislative Agenda to date for 2017-2018. (CLICK HERE to download legislative agenda)

The National is a dues paying member of the Alliance of Public Retiree Orgs., which is comprised of many other retiree groups from the city and state. The Hudson Valley 10-13 is also a dues paying member of the Alliance, and Tony Perrone holds the position of vice president. Rich Molly, Tony Perrone and attend all Alliance meetings in Albany from September to June. In addition, as needed, we meet with state Senators and Assembly members who sponsors & support our legislative agenda during the year. And, our National is the biggest supporter of Lobby Day.

Remember, our strength comes in numbers from our members support for our Legislative Agenda.

This letter, along with our national Agenda, Lobby Day photos and our convention registration form will be posted on our website: NationalNYCPD10-13.org

Have a wonderful healthy summer and try to attend our 29" Annual Convention (info here). Remember, all family and friends are welcome...the more the merrier, making for a successful convention.


Frank Martarella, President
cc: National Board Members